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The Internet architecture assumes a division between the end-to-end functionality of the transport layer and the properties of the path between the endpoints. The path is assumed to be invisible, homogeneous, singular, with dynamics solely determined by the connectivity of the endpoints and the Internet control plane. Endpoints have very little information about the paths over which their traffic is carried, and no control at all beyond the destination address.

Increased diversity in access networks, and ubiquitous mobile connectivity, have made this architecture's assumptions about paths less tenable. Multipath protocols taking advantage of this mobile connectivity begin to show us a way forward, though: if endpoints cannot control the path, at least they can determine the properties of the path by choosing among paths available to them.

The Path Aware Networking (PAN) proposed research group aims to support research in bringing path awareness to transport and application layer protocols, and to bring research in this space to the attention of the Internet engineering and protocol design community. This mailing list provides a place to discuss the issues within the research group's charter, as well as to discuss activities related to the formation of the research group itself.

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